Big Changes 2015 - AirDasher Fridays @ Smash Loft

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Big Changes 2015 - AirDasher Fridays @ Smash Loft

Postby pochp » Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:25 am

Discuss this on Sankishin or at the meetup. It would be better if all related posts could be in the same location. Also, please post even if you agree and have nothing to add, it will help me see a better ratio of what people want. Thanks.

edit : reply here : viewtopic.php?f=9&t=303

TLDR Version :

We may start having tournaments regularly at the smash loft, on Fridays (frequency tbd). They ask for 5$ venue (it's a "donation"), payout is a 20$ or so guaranteed amount for the tournament (scales if there's more ppl, 150$ last night), rest goes towards buying equipment and other venue related expenses. Might also have memberships soon. It's near Vendome metro, prob no risk of noise complaints, and it's big enough, there was a 60-ish man Sm4sh tournament yesterday, with a total of ~85 people at the venue. (previous weeks it was 15~25 I think)

Long Version :

So, Caio from the smash community started weekly events for smash (wiiu, melee, 64) at his place, which is a big loft near Vendome metro (1~2 minute walk). It's in the basement, the walls are thick (unlikely to have noise complaints), and there's a big open space, so it's really ideal for this. They want to promote competitive gaming in Montreal, and thought it would be in our mutual interests to start having events there. I had a talk with Caio, luckily Fridays are the only days he has available for us.

Here's what I suggest, reason why I'm posting is I want feedback. We can always try something then change after if it doesn't work out.

1) For frequency, he was initially suggesting weekly. I think either once every two weeks or once a month would be better. Both of these have their advantages.
Once a week :
-regular, so helps to build a scene around
-me and brice won't have to clean up after you guys every week
-we could alternate main games more often
Biweekly/Monthly :
-easier for everyone to attend the same one
-allows for other scenes (maybe SF?) to fill the gap
-we'd still host on Fridays at my place, so weekly meetups would still be a thing

2) Tournament format, I suggest we run Guilty Gear as our main thing for now. So, 2 out of 3, singles, double elimination. I do want to promote other games, so I'd suggest teams or single elim best of one tournaments for BB, UNIEL, AC+R, and DFC. Maybe stream top 4 if we have time? If anyone wants to add another game, they can let us know and we can give it a try. Persona? Arcana? Melty? Aquapazza? Only main game would get a prize imo, I think their current venue fee/payout system is perfect. Reason for this is they currently open up at 6 and want to close around 11, although yesterday things ran late and they closed at midnight.

3) In terms of equipment, iirc there were like 9 setups at the event last night. Most of these were CRTs, so if we want monitors we need to bring them (at least for now). I'd suggest one monitor for the "main station", but the rest is whatever. If we have the monitors, we use them, if not, we run on the CRTs. They also have a stream set up with commentary, cameras, everything. I guess I can also bring my LGP to record a second station if we want. Also, I think we'd use more like 6 or 7, as smash allows players to be closer together. We would need people to bring PS3s AND sticks if possible.

4) This is kind of unrelated, but I figure if we're making big changes, maybe we could change how we reach out to people as well. Currently, we use both Sankishin and Dustloop, but I think we could add Facebook as well. Their intended uses would be :
Dustloop : talk with people from other regions' airdasher scenes. show people wandering on dustloop that there is currently an active scene in montreal.
Sankishin : the chat. planning events and trips. tournament results. off-topic talk.
Facebook : posting information about the events at the smashloft. making it easier for people to find us. also, the usual facebook group FG random posts and discussions that may or may not be on topic (see : any smash mtl fb group, or mtlsf fb group)

Next week, we're going to CECC2 in Toronto, so I think we could start either the week after (23rd) the following one (30th). Earlier is better IMO, so unless most people can't I'd go with the 23rd, is that good with you guys. That way we can make changes and adapt faster.

The meetup last night was pretty cool too. Lots of current/former airdasher players were there. Surprisingly big overlap in our scenes, maybe there are some of them that would be interested in coming to our events there, if we're clear enough about them. Not 18+ like Foonzo, nor in a sketchy and remote neighbourhood like Cote-des-Neiges.
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Re: Big Changes 2015 - AirDasher Fridays @ Smash Loft

Postby DerQ » Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:37 am

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Re: Big Changes 2015 - AirDasher Fridays @ Smash Loft

Postby pochp » Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:42 am

J'ai vu beaucoup de bouteilles.

Et une capsuleuse.

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